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Default one more thing and i played against archie & huck

i will note here that since ive moved up to 20 and 30 tables ive noticed that while there are many players very prone to an almost constant state of tilt and they can be set off by anything at all, there are also some decent playing older players (middle age and up im thinking) who just will not be jostled. they dont care if you are 13 and play well, they will just sit there and play a decent game and not be bothered by anything you say or do, at least it wont bother their game. it's very easy to see who these people are by the way they act at the table and it's also very easy to give them loads of respect. since they are wise enough to realise that age doesnt really make any difference they welcome respect. it's a joy to behold that i rarely saw at lower limits where the age bias is even more defined. of course, id prefer to have more irrationally minded folks around me, but sometimes that just isnt the case.

one another more gossipy note i played against the famous rake-dodging old man 80-160 playing archie at 30=60 commerce last night. he had an indiana hat on and everything. he sat right on my left. what is it you guys hate about this fellow?

he doesnt seem to play particularly well (although he was up $3k when i moved tables) so i would think you would welcome him with open arms. was he just being nice because he was winning? sometimes he would peek at his hole cards in such a way that i could see them (always a welcome thing if youre sitting right next to me btw). no i wasnt going out of my way to look but one time i saw him raise utg with what i swear was 53o. anyway i tried to talk to him and maybe get him to explode or act crazy or something, but to no avail. he just smiled and cussed a little bit and was a nice guy. maybe he sensed i was a big fish so he was being nice to just me and kudos to him if that's the case cause i was playing like crap. i mean, i only won $2500.

then huck seed came and sat in seat 9. he then proceeded to play absolutely NO hands. no steal raises late, no calling in the blinds. nothing. he showed down exactly one hand: AQo. oh and i had one hand against him. those were the only two hands he played. i had KJo and open raised near the button. he was in the bb. he stared at me for like 12 seconds and then called. the flop was JJ4. he checked instantly, i bet, and he mucked instantly. then he moved over to a 20 table i changed to (are you sensing a subtheme here: commerce pros following me around and being nice..hmmm) and proceeded to play absolutely no hands although the game was VERY juicy with all unsophistaicated players playing passively 5 and 6 handed at 3am, about as good as one could hope for. he'd fold on the button rather than steal raise, fold his blinds to obvious steals, play no hands, play even less than no hands. when i told my friend today he joked that perhaps he thinks he's still playing the poker classic and he's trying to make the money. i said i thought it was strange that his chips were a different color than everyone elses.

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