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Default Age of players and age bias

Just out of curiosity, how many of you poker maniacs out there are under say, 25 years old. Being only the tender age of 20, I was just wondering how many others there are like me out there who participate in this forum. Doesn't mean anything one way or the other I suppose, but at the indian casino I usually play at, I am usually the youngest by a good 20 years, with a few occasional exceptions. By the way, has anyone else noticed a general bias against younger players? I have noticed that a lot of the older players, especially the retirees get really pissed when I win pots off of them, especially if they're big. I also try to be friendly at the table but very often I get a series of very condescending replies that make me inclined to just keep my mouth shut. Hasn't really affected my play as far as I can tell, but it sure makes my time less fun. There are of course some very friendly people, but they seem to be overshadowed by the grumps (at least when it comes to this young whippersnapper). Just food for thought.

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