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Default Re: merits of WPTE.....

This is manipulation pure and simple.

You will note that this occurred during the main event of the WSOP, leveraging the 110% media attention focused on poker's biggest event. There are other properties to consider in the mix-- do your own thinking along these lines.

This was a 100% leveraging of the media focus on poker to pull off a PR & stock-inflation price coup whose execution was second to none.

The plan for this offer likely included some "investments" in WPTE securities (probably call options) before the offer, and the sale of same immediately afterward.

To anyone that plays options for a living: I'd love to see some astute analysis of the call strikes and the open interest before the offer announcement date.

There is a profit of millions, perhaps tens fo millions made on this deal ... as the stock-market fish swarmed to the "chum" of the well-planned, well-timed, well-executed (and absolutely free) news coverage and PR.

Who's a player?
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