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You may thnik Im crazy but I make a lot of reads based on handles and chip stacks...this works for me because Im playing so many at once, and based on his handle, I would suspect he's not a great player.

The best players are the ones with two words in their handles with each word capitalized. Other good players are the ones who go out of their way to make their handle stupid/juvinile. For instance if a handle is IMASTUPIDIDIOT, they are probably at least a reasonable player. Of course none of this is fullproof, but it works pretty well when multitabling, and I find that my generalizations are usually reasonably well founded.

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You are crazy. In the hand I played like an idiot where there was a fellow player who pushed into a big stack on a dry sidepot with no hand or draw, the player's handle was "iamsobadtoo" and I took that into consideration thinking that it would mean he wasn't so bad.

(So bad, if you are reading this, my apologies, but it was a really bad play. Maybe you were just drunk or something.)

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His handle wasnt capitalized..BIG DIFFERENCE! Anyway once they open limp on the button you cancel all name based reads.
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