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Default Re: 10/20 Limit HE, 10 seat Hand - could you have gotten away from it?

Fold out of the Big Blind? Is this good advice?

What's the min. range of hands you'd call with out of the Big Blind in this situation? (
1 early limper, and a Late Pos. raiser, and you are in the Big Blind?).

Call with hands like 66, 77, J9s, 45s, JQo, J10o? Or fold them all?

What hands would you re-raise/3 bet with? AA, KK, QQ, And AKs or AKo only?
OR Would it to go down any further to include more hands?

I know it depends on the person raising, but in general against normal opponents...

Ps. My main question was really: "Should I be good enough to have folded this on the river?"
I Bet, got raised, I 3-bet, then villian capped...His Turn check screamed QQ...
"Should I have flat called his intial raise after my bet?" (or would that be missing out
on value in
most cases as there's not much that beats me here...)

Thanks for the replies,
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