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Default Flopped flush draw on failed blind steal - call push?

Sorry I donīt have the hand history, itīs quite simple though.
$1 MTT. 18 of 260 left, weīre in the money.
Blinds 1200/2400, average stack 20k, villain and I both have 30k. Table very passive, everyone seems afraid to commit chips. Have been stealing the blinds a few times, havenīt been caught yet.
Folded around to me, I have 46 of clubs on the button, I raise to 7k to steal, villain calls from the BB. Flop comes AT3 with two clubs. Villain pushes 22k into a 15k pot.
Am I supposed to call here, because the only hand I can think of that has me in really bad shape is a bigger flush draw. This aggresive play is unusual for the villain he tends to minraise and minbet, even with good hands.
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