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Default PokerStars VIP Free Rolls Payouts


I doubt [the VIP Club freerolls] will pay super-flat though (unfortunately). I expect it to be the same as their typical pay-out structure for all of their other tournaments which would be to the top 10%.


Bad read They are going to have a very flat payout. The exact structure is TBD, but tourney-meister Henry is working on it as we speak. Don't hold me to this, but I'm setting the line at a 22.5% payout structure.

The response is Lee Jone's to another poster's thoughts on how the free rolls will payout.

It looks like as a worse case scenario, it is going to be a 1 in 4.444 chance of cashing in these free rolls.

It would be my suggestion if the number of players is 200 or less that the payout would even be flatter.

Example of a $10,000 in a weekly SuperNova Free Roll with 100 players in it and a 1 in 3 payout:

1st: $ 1,000
2nd: 900
3rd 800
4th 700
5th 600
6th 500
7th 400
8th 300
9th 300

19th: 250

24th: 200

34th: 100

What do you guys think of a structure like this?

Furthermore, I know this is a little radical and might be hard to implement, but I think we have all been in free rolls where there is a high number of players who are no shows. I think it would be great if somehow for the players that do not show up after 10 hands, their chips would be forfieted and redistributed to the other players in the tourney.

What do you all think?

We know PokerStars has proven they do listen to our input and will probably see this. Please respond with your comments or suggestions since these payouts are still in the works.
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