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Default Moving Up: What\'s my next step?

As many of you know I play NL1000 on Party (4-tabling). It's been my regular game since early October. The following are my stats in that game:

Hands played: 87,177
ptbb/100: 4.77
mt ratio: 3.72
hourly rate: $325.17

I'm in a kinda weird spot right now because I'm considering moving up limits fairly soon. BUT I hate the 10/20 games on Party since I am a sh'd specialist and DESPISE full ring (BORING!). At the 2k tables:

6600 hands at 6.45ptbb/100...tiny sample.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to what my next step should be? I could try a new site where game selection sucks or I could just stick to the party 2k games when they are only shorthanded. But that blows when I build a stack and the game fills up.

How about the 10/25 6-max games on UB. How much tougher are they than the 5/10 and 10/20 games on party? Prima? Absolute?

All comments and recommendations are appreciated as well as thoughts on my NL1000 stats so far: enough hands? good enough WR?

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