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Default Re: Random Tuesday Night Out - Trip/Consumption Report - Long


I have no idea, I've never gone the hooker route, and don't plan it. Montreal lapdances are the farthest ive gone when it comes to paying for sex (they let you touch boobies).

All that being said, I read craigslist, $300 gets you like two 19 yr old NYU chicks right to your door. So whatever these skanks are offering cannot be worth it.

[/ QUOTE ]

Canada does have supreme strip clubs as compared with the US. In Toronto I was at a place where I could touch anything at all and if they were wearing anything it was a short denim skirt comando style. The only rule was no penetration period ... ever and it'd get you kicked out of the club and possibly beat to [censored] if you violated that rule.

If you were in a semi-private (or private) area they would encourage you to take your dick out and they'd do the best to get you off using various body parts to stroke you without using their hands. There seemed to be a rule against hand to knob stroking, though I was never briefed on that one. They were good at rubbing their bodies on yours without violating the penetration laws. Very good indeed.
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