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Default No conspiracy

Is it right? No. But I really doubt there is a vast conspiracy as you might think.

[/ QUOTE ]

Who said anything about a conspiracy ? It is all out in the open!

Now, about being right :

I was watching on TV the other day a re-run of Judgement At Nuremberg. It's a Stanley Kramer movie, so I don't need to mention that it wears its heart on its sleeve! I like my films more restrained.

But some of the dialogue is for all seasons. Here is a sample:

The 1948 trial of the Nazi judges is over and Judge Haywood (Spencer Tracy), head of a 3-man tribunal, and originally a federal judge from Maine, has just condemned all of them to life in prison, despite severe political pressures by the American political leadership to show leniency in view of the Berlin Crisis and the coming Cold War. The young, non-Nazi German defense lawyer Rolfe (Maximilian Schell) has come to visit Haywood at his residence, just before the latter flies back to the States.

Hans Rolfe: I'll make you a wager.
Judge Dan Haywood: I don't make wagers.
Hans Rolfe: [chuckles] It will be gentleman's wager... In five years, the men you sentenced to life imprisonment will be free.
Judge Dan Haywood [looks him over]: Herr Rolfe, I have admired your work in the court for many months. You are particularly brilliant in your use of logic.
[Rolfe nods with an appreciative smile]
Judge Dan Haywood: So, what you suggest may very well happpen.
It is logical in view of the times in which we live. But to be logical is not to be right.
And nothing on God's earth could ever make it right.

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