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Default Dog-gone it.

Well, since you guys are chatting about dogs...The Babe has a Yorkie also. His name is Napoleon. I trained him myself and he is spoiled rotten (some training,eh?). He is a true "alpha male", and although I cannot prove it...I'm pretty sure he murdered my other Yorkie Walter. I came home one morning after my walk to find poor Walt floating in the pool. Napo was looking at him floating in there as if to say "oh...poor Walt", if only I could have saved him". But the Babe suspects he pushed Walt in because he was jealous of any shared affection from me! There is the slight possibility that Walter committed suicide because he was jealous of Napo, but I doubt it. These dogs are hard to train for sure, and I suspect that some of them are evil little trolls who just hide behind a cute face (are they good poker players, I wonder?) Babe
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