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Default When is calling correct?

Except those situations when you have nothing but a gutshot draw and your pot odds are enough for one bet etc, it would be interesting to start a discussion about when calling is right (postflop). I'm talking about those situations when your hand is quite good but raising for information isn't an option cause you don't wanna fold even to a reraise because the original bettor might be bluffin or betting a slightly weaker hand. There also might be a third limper hangin around to the turn and it's a close decission between raising to get him out because of his possible draw and fearing a reraise from the bettor, I mean if the pot is still rather small (or your hand is only semi-good) and you don't want to invest maybe 3 bets but not really want to fold. I'm sure you guys no what I mean, those difficult borderline situations.
Please post hands where these hard decisions appear. I think this might be a leak in my game and I'm looking forward to see how you handle it.
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