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Default Re: Don\'t hate-evaluate

You made no mention of your position or who you are playing against.

[/ QUOTE ]

Assume that one of the limpers is a loose but somewhat decent player who plays well postflop. Any other limpers are loose passive and bad. Also assume blinds are loose and that BB will call a raise approx. 75% of the time to see a flop.
KTo in MP3 after 2 limpers.
KTo in MP3 after 3 limpers.

[/ QUOTE ]

It was actually the mention of the one solid postflop player that changed my call to a fold.

[/ QUOTE ]
I interpreted the read differently. "A loose but somewhat decent player". I think i'm still ahead of his range, and playing better post-flop.

Some information is missing here. Who limped first, what position did they limp from?

Put the "loose but decent" player UTG limping in first, and I will fold KTo. If he's limping in MP behind a fish, then I call.
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