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Default Re: Worst injury/injuries you\'ve sustained?

Note: This did not happen to me thank god

When I was about 12, being a punk little kid hanging out with friends at a playground in a park near our house, two of my buddies were having a swinging/jump competition, you swing as high as you can, and then jump off the swing, furthest jump wins. Kid gets some good momentum going jumps, hits his landing, but falls back a little, and falls on his ass, no big deal. He doesnt get up though, and is just sitting there on the ground, we were like WTF you didnt even hit the ground hard, he doesnt say anything. Then he starts puking uncontrolably, everywhere. Popped his sack with a nail.

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This makes me want to cry...when you say "pop" did it actually burst, or was it just punctured with a little hole?


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It was a fairly large nail. And he was 12, by pop, I mean pop.
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