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Default OOT rules - piracy?

About 30 minutes ago I created a thread entitled "I just deleted my entire porn collection by accident" in OOT, and I ended my post with something like "I'm going to be putting my broadband to use in the next few days.. any suggestions?"

Within a minute, Astroglide (OOT mod) deleted the thread and sent me a PM stating I was violating the OOT piracy rule, which states:

2+2 is a private business, and this forum is an extension of it. 2+2 publishes copyrighted material for profit, and is specifically concerned about the possibility of their products being electronically stolen. they are also not interested in defending a lawsuit if a copyright holder goes after them because of a link in a post. finally, the forum is financially supported by advertising, and it would be difficult to attract an ad for something like a poker dvd if piracy discussion is occuring. nobody's buying the "but i use it to download FREE AND LEGAL things" bit either. simply don't talk about it.

[/ QUOTE ]

Honestly I don't know how I fall under this rule. I was not soliciting BitT0rrent links, as he implied that I did, nor did I mention/encourage any use of piracy tools/methods. I don't see how this is any different from MP3 discussion/suggestion threads, but he thought otherwise and decided to give me a *.

I think he used very bad judgment by both deleting my thread and giving me a *, but I wanted to get a second opinion. Anyone?
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