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Default Re: categorizing your opponents??

Come on.

OK, forget 8-tabling.

Early on, you're folding most of the time, making standard raises or limps most of the rest of the time, and making standard plays post-flop most of the time.

Later, it's push-or-fold, based mostly on position, cards, blinds, and stacks.

Yeah, occasionally reads help with marginal decisions. Also, if you get a donk who folds too much heads-up, I guess that counts as a "read".

But otherwise, it's just not all that important.

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I have never multitabled higher than the 55s before due to the fact that I continuously stub my toe in the bankroll/tilt management area of the game, but I can tell you that my success 8 tabling is 100% due to profiling. Regardless of what you think, everyone has a different push/call range. While I know that making generalizations about situations in a sng will enable you to beat them, being more specific about what a certain player will due in a certain situation will enable you to beat the games for a much better earn.
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