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Default Re: A few decisions...

Flop call because if I am ahead, I am not getting anyone drawing live against me out.

[/ QUOTE ]

SB won't fold a hand like TJ for 2? Also, Dean can call correctly with a 3 outer (AK/AQ/AJ) if you call but can't if you raise.

EDIT: I'm an idiot and sb bet this flop...for some reason I thought BB bet and Sb was still to act. Disregard this point.

Also, if dean raises, it puts me in excellent position to bet into him and clear the field on the turn if I like the card.

[/ QUOTE ]

If Dean raises the flop after you call I'm not so sure you want to clear the field. In other words, you're usually screwed.

If I'm 3-bet on the flop, I am behind nearly 100% of the time.

[/ QUOTE ]

Is this so bad? You risk one sb to give you some protection if ahead (see above) and get some decent information. Seems worth it to me.

EDIT: Oh, one more thing. A lot of turn cards will make SB freeze up and check to you, denying you the opportunity to make your move.
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