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Default Re: A few decisions...

Ok, thought about this some more. I think my flop call is correct. I like the entire hand.

Flop call because if I am ahead, I am not getting anyone drawing live against me out. There's a potential of dean raising and other guy capping, and I will have to pay a lot of bets when I am behind. I wanted to see what dean would do too. If I'm 3-bet on the flop, I am behind nearly 100% of the time. Also, if dean raises, it puts me in excellent position to bet into him and clear the field on the turn if I like the card.

The turn, I thought the guy betting out into a field that was 3-bet PF was sane and he, at best, had the same hand as me. I didn't want to pay 3 bets to see a river when he could 3-bet me with a set or two pair. I also had a slight feeling that dean was sandbagging with something like JJ or QQ to raise a safe turn.

Dean is a 2p2er.
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