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Default Re: Low limit ring games more profitable than STTs?

making 6BB per 100 hands

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hahahahhahahahahahah ahaahahhahahahahahhahahahaha. gasp. hahahahahhahaahhahah ahhahahahahahhahahahahahahah.
gasp. its simply not possible to get 6bb/100 no matter what the stakes are. thats just disgustingly stupid.

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Over 22k hands on stars .25/.5 I had 6.8 BB/100 with probably some fairly poor play mixed in there. I have no idea why I played so many hands there, and I'm sure I was on a heater, and the rake at those tables is tiny, but I think 6BB/100 might be sustainable there. IMO the players at party .5/1 are (were?) almost identical to Stars .25/.5, but the severely increased rake cuts in on the BB/100. Over 8k hands on stars I was 4.1 BB/100 at .5/1 and I was by no means an expert. I would not rule 6BB/100 out there, however I would suggest anyone who could make 6BB/100 at any limit should definitely have moved up some time ago.

EDIT: Meh, I don't know why I made this post, your points are all valid, I just reacted to your eeeevil laughter
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