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Default Re: Low limit ring games more profitable than STTs?

You may be right but I am in no mood to check the math.

If some of the regulars chose to respond to this you might find that you get some responses that echo the following sentiments.

Ring games are boring.
Limit ring games are extremely boring.
Micro stakes limit ring games are sheer torture.

Build a bankroll there ? Sure no problem.
Work off a bonus or two ? Indeed.
Play them for a living ? Well you have to get some enjoyment from your work so maybe not.


SNG's provide the following non-monetary rewards.
<ul type="square">[*]A little bit of drama[*]A little bit of variety[*]Increments of small set amount of risk for decent rewards[*]A scenario that is challenging and has a set time limit, well more or less it has a beginning an end, ring games are eternal and monotonous[/list]
There is a perception that SNG's offer less variance. I have not seen the numbers to support this but I do not doubt that it is true.

So SNG is at least more fun. Also as a relatively narrow slice of the poker world it may be harder for the fish to find good advice on SNG play. Most books focus on Limit or else NL multi tournies. So the expertise for SNG is something you have to search 2+2 for. The expert advice for Limit is available at every bookstore in the country.

Just my opinion. I keep trying to switch to NL ring but the majority of my profit continues to come from local tournies and SNG.

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