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Default Re: Aks, multiway, blah blah

ya, I would have liked to lead the turn with a push, but I couldn't because of the awkward stack sizes.

If I planned on making a blocking bet, and calling a push, then I feel I am better off check raising all in. I really don't feel the villain is committed and has to call here after he bets 100.

He has 142 behind, I see players make this fold plenty of the time. Obviously villains hand range is much larger than the monster variety.

I don't feel a blocking bet drops the villains hand if it is indeed made. Also, If the villain is drawing, he has a shot to bluff me out on the river when I don't hit.

Check fold I think is the worst line to take here. However, I am check folding if the villain bets the pot on the turn.

Do you think my reasoning is dillusional?
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