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Default Re: SB defense holding AA

"I betray the rule to 'protect your aces at all costs'."

-I hadn't heard that rule before. Letting the big blind in is not a tragedy because, well, you have aces. Still, I prefer to 3-bet, as the big blind might still come in with some hands and nobody every puts you on pocket aces. On this hand, you would not have made as much on the turn and river had you 3-bet pre-flop, but it doesn't happen very often that you make a set of aces and your opponent also makes a set.

I like the flop slow play, for the reasons you elucidate. The board is ideal for a slow-play and I find that when the board contains an ace and an opponent just check-calls the flop and then checks again on the turn, the opponent behind will usually bet again.
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