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Default Re: A problem with some religous views. Conclusion

If you are arguing for yourself then it is ok or even only for all of us who think we have morals. If you are arguing a universal logic then I see complications.

Here is where I can see running into problems. What is morally right or wrong is not an agreed upon thing. I have my own moral compass and it comes from my religion, philosophies I have read, parents, teachers, etc.

Now, if I suddenly chose to be atheist, I can if, I wanted to, throw all right and wrong out the window. Before I go any further let me state this unequivocally, before I get bombarded by other posters - I AM NOT SAYING ALL OR EVEN ANY ATHEIST HAS NO MORALS. I am saying if I chose to become atheist, I can throw all my morals out the window and I think I can defend my new amoral position rationally.
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