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Default Re: AK in peculiar spot

First get in the habit of buying in full. What are you doing with a 220 stack?

On to the hand:
You say you have a laggish image and your worried about tipping off the strength of your hand?

Bet 3/4ths the pot, you should be doing this with continuation bets, air and actual hands.

On the turn just pot it, in actuality it looks weaker than a call me bet. Of course she is going to push the turn if she decides to go ahead with the hand, she doesn't have any stack left.

You seriously weren't considering a fold on the river were you getting 4-1 on your call? That is very weak tight man. This could be all types of crap much less than Ax in a 3-handed game. Sounds like result based thinking. You got it all in versus a 30BB shortstack with AK and an A on the board in a 3-handed game... no brainer.
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