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Default Re: Pure Heads Up Poker-The Sweet Science

I think this is a good summary. I slightly disagree with a couple of points.

6. Do not waste good hands. There is no need to get aggressive preflop with a hand like AA, KK, QQ if your opponent may not call. See a flop and let him commit.

[/ QUOTE ]

This depends entirely on your style. If you're very aggressive with non-premium hands you need to continue the aggresssion with premium hands. Otherwise, you become an open book to your opponent.

5. Do not call raises, even mini-raises, unless you are ready to make a move at the pot if the situation affords it. A good player (Irie, ZeeJustin, et. al) will exploit this quickly. You are better off reraising preflop than just calling. Its hard to hit a flop and you are taking this burden if you call preflop with a marginal hand. Put the burden of hitting back on your opponent, especially if he is the aggressor.

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Deep stacked, I call or raise almost every mini-raise otherwise you will get pushed around.
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