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Default Re: Anyone else get depressed around the holidays?

Suicide rates skyrocket. Seasonal affective disorder hits a lot of people, I think. I love night coming early, but it really bums out lots of people I have known. I wouldn't be surprised if it has at least some effect on most people. I'm one of the rare people who actually likes a short day and a long night.

For me, Christmas is for kids. I don't meant that in a snotty way, but that it's not that interesting or special to me, except when little kids are around. Little kids tearing through wrapping paper and getting their new toys is one of the coolest things on earth. Their excitement and happiness is so much fun and so infectious. And the way they go out of their minds waiting till they can finally get to the presents is hilarious. It's almost like a mean streak in me, but it completely cracks me up, and I remember how crazy it made me when my mom and dad would drag out the time to open our presents until we were practically in a frenzy. Then when it was time, it was like we were shot out of a cannon and paper was flying everywhere. Great times. And I remember the same feelings with my younger brothers and sister. Watching them was such a blast. Even other people's kids can become tolerable under those conditions.

With just a bunch of other adults -- meh. Even when I like it, it usually wears out its welcome. There's only so much singing Christmas carols and making googly eyes at other adults that I can take before I get bored or my skin starts to crawl.
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