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Default Re: New Forum: Movies


i think if anything the split should be a relationship/dating forum...i could careless about hearing of 18 year olds and who they are trying to hook up with. i personally liked the OOT better with sports in it (we could have just locked all the ***official*** threads since that was a problem) and was disappointed when the sporting forum was introduced, its a low traffic forum and the threads are of a lot less quality than they were when they were in the OOT. many of the threads started in the sporting forum that get 8-15 replies were getting 30-50 replies when in OOT so a lot of the better entertainment topics will just die in a new forum, IMO. but if you made it a relationship/dating forum it might make it since everyone seems to have an opinion (even though most are [censored] stupid).

i think if you move ALL of the entertainment subject out of the OOT you will lose some of the wit and humor that makes those threads great.

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