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Default Movies.... they need to learn how to suspend disbelief *rant*

Just watched batman begins. (caution movie spoiler) Decent movie worth watching. However, it had some eyerolling gay events.

1) The car requires you to change positions when driving it? WTF. Seriously, why do you have to lay down? Why change positions?

2) Microwave gun? Vaporize a city's water supply? A bit of a gay weapon if you ask me.

3) He's got a helicopter on his ass, and all of the police cars. Yet somehow he drives on a dirt road and through a waterfall on wayne property. There are no tracks to show the police where he went. The helicopter? Where did it go? Seriously uber gay.

I could go on....

Why do they have to screw up all of my favorite movies with [censored]? I mean pick 1 or 2 things that aren't possible that we have to believe in, but not 20.

-drunk wacki
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