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Default Re: racial slurs other than [censored]

my argruement would be that calling someone a h omo is on par with something like deuchebag or retard than it is with [censored].

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm not sure what the censored word is here, but neither of your examples have anything to do with sexual orientation. To use h0mo as an insult almost always implies that there is something wrong with being a homosexual.

That's my take on it, and I believe it's at least part of the reasoning behind and fagg0t being censored, too.

[/ QUOTE ]

the censored word was f ag

my point is h omo is not really different from chink, spic wetback or retard? I think we should focus on the idoits who use words in a way that could be harmful the site (flaming, etc) than the actual words

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm not sure that I see any reason for spic and wetback not being filtered. Retard is one that would probably generate more complaints about it being censored than not.

I assume that one of the reasons h0mo was censored is because Mat received complaints about it.

Probably my last point about h0mo is that it seems like more people would complain about it being allowed than it being censored. And if there actually were complaints about it before it went on the list, I just don't see the need to bring it back. It's not like people out there are clamoring for this word to be uncensored. In fact, I haven't seen anyone mention it outside of this forum for a week or two. Obviously someone could have mentioned it during that time, but I haven't seen it.

Again, this should be about the possible postives and negatives for the site allowing this word.
Dids made a good point, IMO. But I'm not sure if it's enough to uncensor the word.
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