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Default Re: HU against a \"PT\'er\"

I've read through this one and I have to say I believe it's one of those nearly flip a coin situations. BUT -- Given your "he's trying to isolate me" read -- the flop would be a peel for me. The reason I'm peeling one here is not that I have the odds (is everyone going to do the "hm, half and out for this, let's discount that, oh, reverse implied there...." in the time it takes to make a decision?). It's close. Smallish, HU pot makes for a fold with overs in most cases. Somewhere in TOP or HPFAP the point is made, however, that you can't always fold overs to aggression. You gotta peel even without the odds (I think it's in the loose calls part, where you might call with a beat mid-pair getting 10/12-1 or so in the right pot as well). There's just too much chance of being run over by your opposition on other hands if you do. Metagame, I guess, though I normally ovoid any metagame stuff for online SS games for the usual reasons. But when I've got overs without the A (again, HPFAP, too much reverse dominated probability), a back door flush, back door straight... I'm going to see another card.

This is small stakes. One advantage we have here is that it’s easier for us to see more streets than higher play (Not because it’s cheaper). When the balance is teetering on fold, go ahead and call on occasion.

I might get slammed for this, but I think we’re over-analyzing the “outs” on this one.

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't think so. In position, we can make a loose peel here (i.e. we raised and he 3-bet from a blind, etc.). It's close then. In this case, since we still have to check the turn, and we have no clue what our opponent holds, we're facing an icky spot which is best solved by folding, getting 8.5:1 OOP, almost surely facing a turn bet, with around 4 tarnished outs.
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