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Default Re: Four Kinds of Atheists.

This fourth type of atheists is a common one, but there is another related type who should be given the same respect. Consider those like, Marcel Proust who, although alive in a time of relative scientific simplicity, was intellectually incapable of religious belief. He, and many others were incapable as a matter of philosophical acumen. Pricipal did not allow them to take the easy route. Speaking from this viewpoint myself, I can say that it is not necessarily the need to explain away the phenomenon of our world that precipitates this lack of faith. On a basis of purely logical precepts without recourse to existents, religious belief can be obviated.
The reason I say this type of atheist is related is because of the affinity between science and philosophy. These two types may deep down be the same, possibly a matter of semantics. Posssibly this second type is one who intuitively senses the fact that science is more apt to deliver a logocally consistent articulation of the dynamics of our world.

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