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Default Re: I\'m ITM but my ROI is negative

Hmmmm...since these 20% have started i have been getting pretty deep a little more often. Tripling up in the first hour often gives you the stack to push a table around on the new early bubble as more people are happy just to cash (and maybe pick up easy TLB points). As soon as the rather fragile bubble bursts it seems to take the form of a pushfest for the next two or three levels which also gives an advantage to the big stacks. From there on it is the decent players (which would be the top 10% anyway) playing for the final table. While less profitable in Stars tournies, I see everything as primer for an eventual ME final table and this just seems like a big tourny in fast motion to me.....but I'm still a donk [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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