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Default Re: Scientology VS Christianity currently tied

I just told myself in another thread I was going to stop debating with non-christians about christianty because it doesn't get anywhere, but I can't help myself from commenting on this topic.

Scientology says that 75,000,000 years ago there were spaceships that looked like modern DC-8s. This is not a credible claim, IMO.

Some versions of Christianty claim that Jesus was the divine, only son of God who sacrificied himself to redeem humanity, and that salvation by the grace of god is possible through faith in Jesus and his sacrifice. While I think this claim is more credible than the one about DC-8s, I still think it is at the non-credible end of the spectrum.

The real purpose of my post is just to mention that (what I think are valid) versions of christianity exist which do not make claims like the one above. I am happy to talk about my understanding of the gospels with anyone who cares to, but I think people are more interested in debating the mainstream interpretation. I just want to make sure we know that not all Christians are biblical literalists.

I think there are verions of Christianty which are much more credible than scientology. However, I have no defense for NotReady's version of Christianty. If anyone is interested in talking about the differences, I am quite happy to. Since most people just care about the mainstream ideas - I just wanted to mention that
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