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Default Re: Scientology VS Christianity currently tied

Hi all,

New to the forum and was all prepared to jump in on a poker thread, but then saw this and had to throw in a few thoughts [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

I'd say that Christianity is more valid than Scientology just in a literal sense. In so far as Christianity is based on SOMETHING. There was a guy called Christ floating about, events within the bible follow some sort of loose historically verifiable timeline, refer to real places etc. Certainly we've found out that it misses a fair bit also, but it's still in that regard dramatically different from the doctrine of Scientology, which Hubbard clearly pulled directly out of his ass, for which there is no history or timeline of events we can reference, whatsoever.

The bible also has a bit more credence where it is vague or interpretational or wrong - because it was written in a time where humans thought and wrote in that kind of mythopoeic style. Hubbard didn't have that excuse, he in fact claimed to be a scientist - so he fails his own test. Most of what he wrote is factually and verifiably not only wrong, but lacking in any kind of scientific method.

I really don't think there are that many Christians who believe that Christianity is rationally provable. I don't think religion is about that. It's about emotion and faith - does this resonate with me, does this empower me, is there some real meaning in this, does this balance my life, will it make me a better person? There's a kind of 'truth' in this that the rationale doesn't account for. I'm an agnostic myself, but I have many Christian friends and I don't for one second question their intelligence, or assume that they're in some kind of denial.

I'd also look at what Christianity vs Scientology do. Scientology is a hugely secretive business, it requires massive financial investment to climb up the Scientology ladder. Sure, there is big business within Christianity. But the Christian faith isn't necessarily a business, there's nothing about it being a business in it's doctrine. You can still walk into a church for free, attend a service for free - you're still given the choice to make your own mind up. That makes it hugely different to Scientology, a 'religion' that only became a religion to achieve tax exemption, an organization which jealously controls all information presented to it's members, and uses the hard sell at every opportunity to increase it's bottom line.

Also LRH was an egocentric crook and a general piece of work, Jesus was by all accounts a really nice guy - that has to count for something no?
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