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Default Re: Scientology VS Christianity currently tied

By claiming that Christianity is nothing but a fantasy and a story, you are ignoring that Christianity contains specific propositions about the nature of the world and of God that are either true or false.

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Christianity's specific propositions about the nature and the world have the same true/false value as any other religion/cult, or any story I have ever read in a book or saw in a film.

You obviously seem to suppose that they are false.

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Well, as propositions about the nature and the world? If you think they are "true" in the purest sense you are an idiot, no offence. It is all stories you are told. Stories, stories and stories. You BELIEVE they are true, which is fine, as I already said. Children believe the stories they are told are true, it's natural. However, you have absolutely zero evidence in reality to _know_ that that they are indeed true. In that sense, they are not more true than any other religion, cult, or imagined story. It is very simple, actually.

You suggest that I should "just admit that I believe in this fantasy" and stop thinking it has anything to do with the truth, even though I'm free to continue to believe it. That's a much more ridiculous suggestion than the suggestion that one should believe in a divine revelation. I should "believe" it and also acknowledge that it's all just a bunch of hooey?

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Of course. This is not ridiculous at all. There are some great advantages in believing in a fantasy, or even, believeing in an actual lie, while you know it is a lie, a story, complete fiction.

By the way, what were those reasons in favor of Scientology that are more appealing to you than the reasons I gave in favor of believing in Christianity? Just curious.

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Well, there are quite a few. I don't care to list them as I don't care to turn this into some kind of a stupid contest between 2 random stories (as others like this to be). But in all seriousness, If you are honestly interested, any thinking behind any religion or cult, ridiculous as you think it is, can offer some very interesting insight and perspective into the nature of human-beings, life, death, personality, mind etc.

Yes, including scientology and christianity.
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