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Default Re: Scientology VS Christianity currently tied

I'd like to clarify my point, because I wasn't trying to debunk Christianity in one quick thread.

I was just trying to show that Christianity and Scientolgy are approximately equally credible. Yet Christians seem to be 100% sure that one is true and the other is silly.

I was trying to get people to question their belief, and to understand how similar these religions look to a rational observer.

It would seem to me that if Christians would expect someone to give time to their reasons for joining a religion on the basis of faith, then they should believe that Scientologists are also rational, and that there is a fair chance that Scientologists are correct.

I know that Christians cannot reconcile these ideas, and I hoped that if I could explain it neatly enough then I might be able to help 1 or 2 brainwashed people have that Eureka moment and begin to question things objectively.
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