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Default Re: Scientology VS Christianity currently tied

So, the reason I gave above is the most general and the most universally true.

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm sorry, but it has absolutly nothing to do with "true". Certainly not more than any scientological reasons (or any other possible religion/cult).

Why can't you and others just accept the very simple fact that christianity and scientology are essentially the same? Christianity is a more popular, and older story, but so what? Take 2 musicians. One is more popular and older, the other is not. Well, they are still 2 musicians. The 2nd might be actually better in some important senses. The question of religion is a question of of cultural context, of social arrangements. It has nothing to do with "truth". It is like wearing a certain shirt and saying that it is "true", as opposed to another shirt some other person wears.

You are confused. You have this fantasy world you believe in, with god and jesus and everything, which is fine. But it is not reality. It is a collective image in your mind, like a tv show you're watching along with many others. You might want to wake up from it, you might want to keep dreaming. That's the only 2 options you have.

[/ QUOTE ]

By claiming that Christianity is nothing but a fantasy and a story, you are ignoring that Christianity contains specific propositions about the nature of the world and of God that are either true or false. You obviously seem to suppose that they are false.

You suggest that I should "just admit that I believe in this fantasy" and stop thinking it has anything to do with the truth, even though I'm free to continue to believe it. That's a much more ridiculous suggestion than the suggestion that one should believe in a divine revelation. I should "believe" it and also acknowledge that it's all just a bunch of hooey?

By the way, what were those reasons in favor of Scientology that are more appealing to you than the reasons I gave in favor of believing in Christianity? Just curious.
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