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Default Re: \"In the beginning, there was Flying Spaghetti Monster\"

I would disagree that design never outmodels the Neo-Darwinian model of evolution.

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this is not a matter of opinion! please give me one example.

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The Neo-Darwinian model falls apart so badly in explaining experimental phenomenon regarding evolution that I think 1. its more likely that a substantially better theory of evolution is the correct answer but 2. Neo-Darwinism to me is so weak the design argument is better. I have other areas in evolution theory where I would say the same thing.

The aurgument that you state where you conclude that intelligent design can only be a religious belief I don't agree with. I'm thinking of a new thread to clarify my position on this.

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Zygote asked for an example, and you didn't give one -- because no examples exist. Your original statement was just plain wrong.

But if you think you have an example of a situation where "design outmodels the Neo-Darwinian model of evolution," feel free to share it. (ID hasn't produced any models, however, so it's impossible for ID to "outmodel" anything about anything. But again, if you think you do have an example . . .)
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