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Default Re: \"In the beginning, there was Flying Spaghetti Monster\"

I would disagree that design never outmodels the Neo-Darwinian model of evolution.

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this is not a matter of opinion! please give me one example.

But we still have a problem that the theory of evolution is often being taught as a set of facts.

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Evolution is a fact. The genetic evidence for it is indisputable and no one can deny that populations and species evolve.

Science doesn't prove truths. Science produces models. ID advocates cannot assert a hypothesis that can be tested and, therefore, is not subject to falsification. Since testing is the basis of all science, ID can be considered no more than a religious belief.

You may question why things like string theory can be taught if they aren't currently producing testable predictions. Well, the answer is that string theory heavily agrees with other scientific models that have lots of testable evidence. This is the evidence for choosing to delve further in the currently untestable thoeries.

Out of curiousity, what are your opinions on the big bang?
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