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Default Re: InterTops withdrawl?

i too was surprised to not see Neteller as a withdrawal option...heres a couple inserts from my emails to Intertops last week


it is very misleading and unfair to a new customer that you will TAKE but not GIVE my money through Neteller

maybe I just don't understand all the nuances involved, but why in the world would you NOT let your customers withdraw using Neteller?.......why do you think it is fair to make someone have to create an entirely different method to withdraw?......NO other site does this in my experience, so why would you?

so that leaves me with igm-pay......with igm-pay, it says it takes 3-7 BUSINESS days (AFTER approval...who knows how long THAT will take?) for the money to get to my bank account......from there, it will possibly take ANOTHER 7 days for me to get it online back to Neteller (like it did when I first put money online) a possible 2 WEEKS, maybe more, to get my money where I want it to be.....absolutely absurd

I have never had an account at Party Poker or any skins (or former skins) before.......after reading up on current things regarding Party, it appears that Party has reacquired Intertops poker........after reading how players deposit and withdraw, it seems that on Party Poker you CAN withdraw using since Intertops is a part of Party Poker again or whatever, it would seem they would share the same tables AND the same deposit/withdraw methods right?

what I am basically asking is, do you think it will only be a matter of hours or days until I log on to Intertops and see the same 70,000+ players AND the same deposit/withdraw methods that Party has?


i got the standard form reply at first, then i guess they could tell i was sorta pissed about it....someone named Sheba wrote a more personal reply, but still did nothing to alleviate the problem

all in all, not a huge deal i guess, but it just creates an unnecessary stumbling block for me to get to my money to put it back on Neteller
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