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Default Re: A more retarded hand of PLO8 you wont see in a long time.

Undoubtedly, the biggest mistake was the limp in MP with AA23; that basically changed the entire hand. If he pots it, A365 may make a weak call or fold on the button, K653 probably folds and you may fold OOP unless its heads up.

After the flop hits, everyone has caught just enough of the flop to probably hang around even for a pot sized bet. Obviously, I don't know the players so this may be wrong or right.

As for the turn, I would say your All-in call is kind of weak as you are only playing for 1/2 the pot at this point unless you are expecting the other 2 to drop. I assume you didn't want to see 2 more callers. With 4 callers, I'd guess you figued you were beat and needed a river card for anything. Based on the hands, I can't see anyone getting away from this point at this point. Its just one of those odds times where everyone hit something in their hand that they won't get away from.

Feel free to critique.