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I work for the damn green machine, and lemme tell ya, the machines Starbucks sells are probably the biggest pieces of [censored] I've ever seen. They're overpriced, and cheaply produced. Great profit margin on those buggers - if they don't get returned. There's a huge biannual coffeemaker sale, and the $99 ones go on sale for like $75, and all the yuppie morons buy coffee makers. And half of them bring em back, because the machines are total pieces of [censored].

[/ QUOTE ]

This I believe.

The two I've owned leaked all over my countertop, from the exact same goddamn spot. Bleh.

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Motherf#%$er! This one would overflow if I didn't set the basket in just right or if I overfilled it with grounds. Thanks for the scoop Yasher.

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