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Default Re: ATs...J4o...What does it matter???

once you're down to 4, the payouts are: 9, 11, 15.7, 27

everyone already has 9, so that's essentially: 0, 2, 6.7, 18

in %'s, that's 0%, 7.5%, 25%, 67.4%

that's not very flat.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah, but you forgot about the 36% of the cash that you left from 10th-4th place.

[/ QUOTE ]

hmmm... this is interesting. here's a picture of stt v mtt payouts for final 10 (scaled to 100, giving 10th 0%)

it makes me rethink my mentality of "screw it all, try to get first" in mtt's. when there are a decent number of people left, it's actually relatively flat. once it gets down a small number of people, it is very top heavy.
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