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Default Re: Cover Contest: Getting Started in Hold \'em -- Second Try

First off this is my first post. I have been reading the form for awhile now and thought this is the first thing i could really contribute too.

Here are 3 cover designs i did. They are pretty straight forward nothing to fancy, just clean simple design. Iím sure some of the text is not right but everything is for placement. If one of them are picked we can go over the changes at that point. The images look a little choppy also but that will be fixed once i receive the hi-res files.

A little behind my thoughts on these covers.
The first thing the consumer sees when he picks the book up is the spine. I like keeping the spine clean easy to read and bold so it jumps off the shelf. The second thing is the cover, at that point you got them to pick up the book so they will at least thumb through it if not more. That is why I kept the cover clean and simple and clutter free. There is no reason to have all that text jammed on the front cover when the consumer has already picked up the book. You have there attention they will look at the back. Put your blurbs on the back. They will read it to find out what this book is all about anyway.