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Default Re: AT flops a flush draw - how to play?

I believe my ace is too weak, and I am only limping in late because of the flush draw (with ATo I would fold outright here.) Is this a strong leak in my game?

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Folding is extremely weak tight (and this is coming from someone who is often accused of being very weak tight [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]).

Pre-flop in that situation, almost any hand worth playing is worth a raise. The raise sets up how you are going to play the rest of the hand.

As for the rest of the hand, let's ask this question. If someone else would have bet into you on the flop, would you have called or raised? The answer is almost certainly yes.

Any hand that is worth a cold call or overcall is almost certainly worth enough to bet out, and probably call a check raise in most cases.

The only strength in the board is in your favor. It is entirely possible that you are ahead on the flop. Why give your opponents free shots to put you at a disadvantage?

This is a hand that I'd be looking to take down on the flop or turn, based upon the way I set the hand up preflop and on the flop.

Sure an opponent may put you on flush draw with no pair, or straight draw with no pair. But by betting out, you are making them pay to find out.

You have perhaps 7-9 outs twice for the nut flush, and another 2-3 outs twice for top pair which seems likely to hold up on its own.

That's more than enough strength to be betting out on the flop.
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