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Default Study program?

I have been playing for a bit, way over my head (I have more money then knowledge or ability), and have not really "studied" yet but for playing. I have bought a ton of poker books, and read few to none... Sad I know. Well, I'm intending to get serious, and curious what books you guys would recommend for a serious study program. Importantly I'm really interested in the ORDER to read these books as again I've bought most of them, but I use my confusion as to where to start as an excuse to thumb through them all repeatedly but read none... After you all help me I'll be out of excuses [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Thanks!

I should mention that I'm playing both cash games and tourneys, but risking (and losing) a lot more in the cash game I'm in, so I'd love suggestions for both, but cash should probably come first.

If someone can point me to an old post that covered this that would be great too (though many don't cover the order to read them in which is crucial to me).

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