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Default Re: $15/$30 QQ online

I'd put UTG+1 on J9 or JK , why would he slowplay the turn w/ the obvious straight draw if he had any hand at all? I don't put him on a flush draw because all the obvious suited hands that he'd play up front form straight draws and overcards and would be an easy 3 bet on the flop for an aggressive player like himself unless he played an Ace rag suited, certainly not a big ace because he woulda raised. The small blind doesn't have a ten or any other monster after checking twice. Being a real aggro player I doubt he limps w/ AA and KK since he'll get the action due to his aggressive image. You gotta bet this river for value everytime. My guess for small blind's hand is 89. Making perfect sense for completing and to why he slowed down on the turn and river after 3 betting the flop. Another possibility could be a hand like 8d7d.
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