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Default It\'s your move, 20/40 online


Four handed 20/40 online poker game at Paradise Poker


Online Pro(OP): a dangerous aggressive pro who play a lot of ultra-high limit heads-up games online.

Fish: a loosy goosy who makes many of the classic fishy plays.

Pseudo-Nit: used to be hyper aggro, but now seems to be more concerned with passive check-calling strategies, mixed with some dubious value betting.

Our Hero(OH): an online regular.


The OP raises from the button, and OH defends his big blind with 77. OH check-raises the 234 rainbow flop, with OP calling.

The turn comes a suited 5, making the board 2345 with a possibl heart draw. OH bets out and is raised by OP.

Your move. If you were OH would you call, raise or fold?
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