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Default Bunching Part II

I just got caught up there in this situation and I wish I would have read this before the hand:
Heres how it went $3-6 Hold-em Ring (S=seat)

UTG makes it $6 to play, Hero hold pair of Nines in 2S calls with trepidation, 5S calls with 7S a maniac who has raised every hand in his last 7 making it $9 to play, SB calls UTG caps!! so Im sitting there about to throw this away but with the maniac having just beat UTG out of a pot I am wondering if its worth calling with 9's in this spot. I know I need trips to win but theres going to be $60 in this pot from the jump so what to do.........throw it away, throw it away the timer says Hero has 10 secs.........5 secs... as time dissapears Hero calls as do the others.

Flop = Kd-9h-3s RAINBOW.........ITS CHRISTMAS FOR SURE!!
Pot = $60 (minus the rake)
UTG Bets Hero raises knowing maniac is popping it and the others fold leaving Hero, maniac and ("burn victim") UTG who calls as does Hero.
Pot = $87

Turn 5s UTG checks, Hero bets and Maniac raises $12 and UTG folds with Hero raising and maniac capping!

Pot = $132

River 4d

Hero hates this card


Hero bets anyway maniac calls and shows TRIP 3's!!

Maniac didnt read bunching article!

Hero wins $139 guess it was after rake?

Now reads Bunching 2 and wonders does it apply to 9's?

What if the pair is a bit higher like a higher Med Pair 8-9??

Hero had just re-read Theory of Poker and says
Merry Christmas as he pulls up Neteller page to put money in the bank for thew old Lady! (momma)

Merry Christmas
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