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Default Re: I watched Knight Rider when I was little

you're gonna get 3bet by AQ and QQ-AA which is 21 combos. You won't get 3bet by AK and 99-JJ which is 30 combos. This means you're gonna get 3bet 2/5 of the time which is too much, imo, considering the fact that you have to call a 3bet. If you're gonna take down this pot every time you are not 3bet, then it would be +EV. But with this fishy in I don't think this raise is gonna help you take down the pot much. You'll be able to get a free card a lot when you're not 3bet and might clean up 3 outs sometimes if you can get AK to fold the flop, but I don't think this helps enough to offset the extra bets.
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